Istanbul Kultur University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Dept. of Architecture, Bakirkoy- Istanbul

Masonry is a construction of stones, bricks or blocks which can be single- or multi-layer component assembled from natural or man-made stones that interlock with each other. Quarry or river-bed stones, dressed stones, man-made molded, fired or unfired bricks and blocks, and compacted masses such as concrete and reinforced concrete are the sources masonry components constructed.
Sustainable construction can be defined as “creating a healthy built environment based on ecologically sound principles” and considers the resources of construction to be materials, land, energy and water has an established a set of principles like reduce resource consumption, reuse resources to the maximum extend possible, recycle built environment end-of-life resources and use recyclable resources.
In this paper, masonry will be discussed through the view of sustainable construction. After evaluating masonry as a sustainable material, using masonry as a building material especially in housing and affects on sustainability will be discussed through a group of selected housing projects.
Key words
Masonry, Sustainability, Sustainable Construction, Sustainable Material