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The International Masonry Society is making available on-line all the papers presented at its conferences and items from its magazine, Masonry International.

Members can download Journal Articles published in Masonry International from the web site free of charge. Non-members can download these papers on payment of a small fee. Conference papers will also be available to download, free of charge to members, normally one year after their publication.

Conference Proceedings and Back Issues of Masonry International

Entire bound volumes of its conference proceedings and back issues of Masonry International can be purchased via this section (subject to availability).The papers in the conference proceedings have been subjected to peer review, edited and revised and were presented at the conference.

[Once paid for a pdf will be downloaded saying it will be posted or you will be contacted]

IMS Special Publications

From time to time we release an item specific to a subject of importance. For example Eurocode for Masonry – Guidance and Worked examples.

Price List

Publications for download are free to members, printed items carry a charge. Price list for members and non-members.


The Title, Abstract and any keywords from all papers and journal articles etc. are available to all visitors to the site to allow searching.

The search facility can be used to find individual papers, just click the magnifying glass in the top right or use the search box.

Submission of Conference Papers and Journal Articles

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