Adviesbureau ir. J.G. Hageman B.V. – Rijswijk the Netherlands


In the Dutch code for the structural design of masonry structures, a simplified method is described to determine the load bearing capacity of braced walls with a first order eccentricity which may vary linearly over the height of the wall. The axial load bearing capacity depends on the load capacity factor that can be derived from the first order eccentricities and the slenderness of the wall. This load capacity factor was already determined with finite differential method calculations for unreinforced concrete structures in the sixties of the last century. By this method both the geometrical and physical non-linear behaviour of the masonry wall are addressed. The results of the calculations are given in graphical form for several wall slenderness’s. Thereafter a description of the method is given including details on the applied relation between the moment and the curvature in a section. Finally the graphical results are compared with the results from the “Phi”-method of Eurocode 6.

Key words
Buckling, Axial load capacity, geometrical and physical non-linear behaviour