André Rotzetter + Partner AG, Consulting Engineers, Baar / Zug
University of Kassel, Department of Structural Engineering, Kassel


Masonry structures which are in-plane-loaded under various conditions can be post-strengthened effectively with fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP). This applies for shear walls under vertical and horizontal loading as well as for walls with additional cut-outs or concentrated single loads. In all cases a mechanical model is required to characterize load transfer within the wall and from this stresses on masonry and frp materials. For in-plane-loaded structures strut-and-tie models are very common. But this modelling technique needs special attention at anchoring zones.
Therefore overall 24 tests on two different types of masonry – clay brick and calcium silicate – were carried out with different geometrical and loading conditions. The test results will be presented and explained using a combination of fracture mechanics and strut-and-tie modelling.

Key words
post-strengthening, frp, in-plane-loaded masonry, strut-and-tie