K.N.P. STEELE (1,2), G. COLE (1), Dr. G. PARKE (2), B. CLARKE (2), and Prof. J. HARDING (2)
(1) Surrey County Council; (2) University of Surrey, Department of Civil Engineering

Historically the management of this asset has been governed by technical and economic constraints. More recently, reflecting the changing perceptions of society and concerns that now exist towards the ecological environment, Surrey is examining ways in which to minimise the environmental impact of its activities. This paper provides dialogue as to why environment should be considered within bridge management and focuses on brick arch bridges as a category in presenting a case for how environmental improvement can be achieved. A framework that provides a structured way to assess environmental impact associated with structure management decisions is discussed. This method applies life cycle assessment methodology as a means to evaluate environmental performance. Findings are discussed objectively and a series of conclusions encompassing structure life cycle decisions towards construction, maintenance and strengthening strategies are reached.

Key words
Highway Bridge, Structure Form, Brick Arch, Life