F. J. PALLARES (1) and T. G. HUGHES (2)

(1) PolytechnicUniversity of Valencia, Spain

(2) Cardiff University, UK


A record of brick unit strains and brick masonry strains measured in-situ in a structural brick masonry tower block are reported over a period of in excess of 10,000 days. The strains were recorded at basement level in an internal wall forming part of the lift shaft in a 10 storey housing block. The strains were measured using mechanical DEMEC and vibrating wire gauges, both of which performed satisfactorily over the period. There is evidence of some continuing vertical compressive strain in the brick units themselves but overall there is little continuing change in the vertical strain in the brick masonry. The horizontal gauges continue to register lateral expansion of both the brick units and the brick masonry which appears to have continued at a similar rate throughout the 10,000 day period.