G.D. WIGHT, P.T. LAURSEN and J.M. INGHAM University of Auckland, New Zealand

Three multi-storey unbonded post-tensioned concrete masonry (PCM) cantilever walls were tested in the Civil Test Hall at the University of Auckland. The 67% scale wall units were designed to model a typical cantilever wall from a 4-5 storey high office or apartment building. A detailed account of the wall construction, test setup, testing procedure and test results is provided in this paper. The principal intent with these wall tests was to validate the use of PCM in a realistic structural configuration. The test units, incorporating reinforced concrete (RC) slabs at the intermediate floor levels, were subjected to a realistic moment gradient. Furthermore, the tests explored means of masonry confinement or strengthening that are expected to allow for reliable drift capacities beyond 1%. The first two tests served to verify results obtained from single storey tests previously carried out at the University, while the third test represents performance verification for a post-earthquake repair scenario.