1) PhD Candidate, University of Calgary, Civil Engineering, rtharris@ucalgary.ca

2) Associate Professor, University of Calgary , Civil Engineering, sllissel@ucalgary.ca


Shear triplet specimens reinforced with two alternate steel fibre reinforced grouts, two polyurethane foams and a polyurethane resin were tested to evaluate the potential of each as a strengthening system for concrete block masonry. Tests were performed for all reinforcements using 190 x 390 x 590 mm (WxLxH) specimens, constructed from 200 mm concrete masonry units and Type S mortar. No normal stress was applied to the specimens. Basic material properties for each material in tension and compression were also determined and are reported. The polyurethane foams were found to improve the shear strength of the triplet assemblages up to 2.5 times compared to unreinforced specimens, while the resin and steel fibre reinforced grouts improved strength up to nearly 6 times, and 12 times, respectively. All reinforcements substantially improved the sliding shear behaviour of masonry in the shear triplet test, and warrant further testing.


Keywords: Seismic Retrofit, Concrete Block, Polyurethane, Steel Fibre Reinforced Grout, Sliding Shear, Triplet Test