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Substantial amounts of Aircrete are used in the U. K. for the inner leaves of cavity walls. These are essentially used as clear cavity solutions to meet the relevant Standards and Regulations. Aircrete is also used in the outer leaf of cavity walls, providing an all block solution. Whilst we do have experience of solid walls constructed in Aircrete masonry, it is our Continental colleagues who have mastered the use of this building solution. Their solutions sometimes differ from those seen to be “traditional” in the U.K. with modifications made to their constructional techniques. This paper examines Aircrete masonry solutions and constructions used in the V. K. to meet the performance requirements of the National Regulations for both cavity and solid walls. Solid Aircrete masonry constructions used on the Continent are briefly discussed. Why is there such a difference between the U.K. and the Continent in the constructions used? Is it purely difference in tradition and climate or are there other more fundamental issues?