B. P. SINHA University of Edinburgh
and R. C. DE VEKEY Building Research Establishment


The paper gives test results for 315 brickwork prisms of five different types, built with four types of perforated bricks in designations (i), (ii), and iii) mortars. The prisms were tested in axial compression to simulate the condition of loading in a wall or a section of reinforced or prestressed brickwork. The strengths of the bricks in three orthogonal directions have also been determined. The characteristic strength of brickwork normal to bed joint given in BS 5628: Part 1 is not strictly applicable to highly perforated bricks. However, the characteristic compressive strength for brickwork other than normal to bed joint can be estimated from the Code, provided the brick strength in corresponding directions is used. Typical stress/strain curves for perforated brickwork are also given.