G. MOUNAJED and J.D. MERLET Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment, France

This paper deals with reinforced masonry structures of hollow units with reinforcement embedded in the horizontal joints. An experimental campaign is being finalized with the objective of identifying the behaviour of the materials. A new test on a set of blocks inclined with respect to the stress is being perfected to determine the shear characteristics. The behaviour of the mortar joints is identified under compression and shear. A non-linear friction criterion for the block-joints interface is proposed, and reports the experimental information correctly. The second part is devoted to modelling; masonry is regarded as a material made of two components, the mortar joint (the mortar being either reinforced or not), and the hollow units which are considered to be homogeneous. A specific contact element was developed; it has an elastic rigidity with regard to the normal stresses located on the plan of the interface. The masonry units were modelled as an equivalent orthotropic material. The apparent non-linearity of the behaviour of the units is dealt with within the scope of the formalism of plasticity. Finally, validation of the model proposed is provided.