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Masonry International is the main publication of the International Masonry Society and is normally published three times each year. It has a Journal section containing original papers on research and practice. It also contains news items, notices of meetings, book reviews and issues concerning legislation and International Standards.

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Featured in Vol 34, No 1   2021

Technical report

X-Tie-Wires in Narrow Masonry Walls


Refereed Papers

Strength Development in Compressed Earth Blocks-Hyperbolic Modeling


Design of Isolated Masonry Housing using Re-cycled Rubber Materials A.B. HABIEB and G. MILANI

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The Swan theatre, Stratford upon Avon belongs to the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon, England and was first opened in 1986. It is built on to the side of the larger Royal Shakespeare Theatre and was named after an Elizabethan theatre built in about 1595 in Southwark, London.


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