As a next step on the path towards achieving climate neutrality 2050, wienerberger has upgraded its sustainability commitments in accordance with its three-year-rhythm. The new Sustainability Program 2026 builds on its predecessor, integrating lessons learned.

Since the targets for 2023 have been fulfilled, they have been upgraded for the 2026 program. In the next three years, CO2 emissions will be reduced further, split into three areas: direct emissions from primary energy sources and raw materials by 25% (scope 1), indirect emissions from electricity consumption and generation by 25% (scope 2) and emissions not produced by the company itself but by purchased goods and services or transport by 10% (scope 3). Circularity will be expanded again by selling more highly durable (>80%) and reusable (>90%) goods.

Heimo Scheuch, CEO Wienerberger AG, commented ‘The fact that our Sustainability Program 2023 has been a success motivates us to increase our efforts. With this next iteration, we expand existing targets and add new ones. Meeting these ambitious goals, we will not only continuously improve people’s quality of life but are also proactively part of the solution ourselves when it comes to tackling climate change and its effects.’

Further information on the Sustainability Program 2026 is available here.