The International Masonry Society invites submissions of work in which the principal focus of the work is masonry.  The award, which is for postgraduate students, is described below.

The Postgraduate Student Award would be for a project comprising a MSc dissertation or an equivalent portion of a PhD study or an equivalent piece of work (which could include a design study) involving masonry.  Exceptional work submitted for this award may additionally be considered for the Arnold Hendry Postgraduate Prize.

Each award will consist of a premium of £150, an International Masonry Society Certificate, and membership of the International Masonry Society for the calendar year following the year of the award.

In exceptional circumstances, more than one award may be made at the discretion of the judges who will also determine the nature of the award.




  1. Submissions must be presented in the form adopted by IMS for the submission of papers for Masonry International (Full details are here:  Awards2021_PG.pdf      Awards2021_PG.doc    ).  Winning submissions will be considered for subsequent publication in Masonry International.   The maximum length of submission should not exceed ten pages.
  2. Submissions must be made by an academic tutor who is a member of staff of the university or college at which the work was carried out. Normally, the academic tutor will be the principal supervisor of the work.
  3. Each submission must consist of a single MSWORD file of the work, accompanied by an electronic copy of the signed entry form and a JPEG photo of the student. The documents should be sent together to the Secretary (
  4. Submissions for the Postgraduate Student Award must be received by the Secretary no later than midnight (UK time) on 31 December 2021.
  5. All submissions must be in English.
  6. Submissions will only be accepted for individual work or for a significant individual contribution to a group project (group work will not be eligible for consideration).
  7. The work submitted for an award must have been undertaken as part of a course or research programme completed in 2021. If part of a research programme or group project, the extent of the student input should be stated on a separate sheet attached to the Entry Form, signed by the student and the supervisor.  The work must not have been published elsewhere in its current form.
  8. Submissions will be assessed by an independent panel of judges appointed by the Council of the International Masonry Society. The decisions of the panel of judges will be final and no correspondence can be entered into concerning the decisions.
  9. All submissions will be considered for publication in Masonry International.
  10. Winners of an award will be notified via the nominating academic tutors, normally within three months of the submission dates.
  11. Results will also be announced in Masonry International.
  12. The International Masonry Society reserves the right not to make awards.



Professor John Roberts

The President   

April 2021