IMS is looking to set up two multidisciplinary consortia to connect industry with academia in the fields of:

  • Consortia 1: Maintenance of masonry structures

A wealth of information is available on the maintenance of heritage structures. For non-heritage structures information and awareness for correct maintenance are more limited. The international consortium is seeking to investigate the needs of asset owners and the industry with the objectives to develop training, guidance documents and new collaborative research programmes.

  • Consortia 2: Smart masonry

The vision is to introduce the new concept of smart masonry that combines sustainability, resilience, and smart technology for 21st century construction. The consortia will investigate the adaptation of new smart technologies to all aspects of the masonry industry, for example material production, design, construction technology, embedded sensors, architectural stone.


The multi-disciplinary consortia are seeking to engage with interested parties from a wide range of backgrounds, for example (but not limited to) manufacturers, construction companies, contractors, stakeholders, asset owners, research organisation, heritage organisation, experts from physics, materials science, sensor technology, biology, engineers from various backgrounds.


Consultation days will be organised in September/October 2019 to gauge interest, initiate multi-disciplinary industry-academic research projects and develop strategic roadmaps.

If you are interested please register for the relevant group on linkedin:

For question or further information contact Dr Adrienn Tomor on