AAC has been gaining popularity for a long time in the United States, due to its green and sustainable characteristics which is increasingly important in today’s construction world. Within the AAC market in the United States, thinner lightweight AAC panels and masonry have enormous potential. They provide a complementary solution for the existing building system (i.e. steel or wood structure) with a lightweight, prefab concrete shell, contributing to higher insulation values and improved fire-proof safety at the same time.

Since the beginning of 2022, Aercon (Haines City, Florida) is the only company in the United States to produce thin types of AAC wall panels. Aercon’s factory has been recently modernized with a major upgrade project to replace the tilt-cake technology with the latest Aircrete Europe flat-cake technology and production capacity expansion.

AAC panels market booming in the USA – Aercon benefits from Aircrete technology – Aircrete Europe