Wienerberger reports headway in improving the sustainability of its operations over the last twelve months. The latest rating by EcoVadis, a leading provider of business sustainability ratings (ESG Ratings) shows the company has achieved significant progress in all evaluation areas. In recognition of these advances, EcoVadis has raised the rating to silver from bronze. Wienerberger ranked higher than the industry average in all areas of the EcoVadis sustainability assessment.

Wienerberger improved its performance in all areas of the assessment, which include environment impact, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. In the area of procurement, Wienerbberger doubled its score to 60 points. This puts the Group among the top 7% of all companies in its industry in the category responsible supplier management. Overall, Wienerberger ranks among the best 20% of all building materials companies that were assessed by EcoVadis.