Istanbul Kultur University, Civil Engineering Department


The paper deals with the dynamic behaviour and retrofit method of a block masonry minaret of a historical mosque in Istanbul. There are a large number of historical mosques and of minarets which were built since Ottoman Empire times. Further, since Turkey is located in a highly seismic zone, the probable damage to masonry minarets should be determined and if necessary, precautions to prevent collapse should be taken. To achieve this objective, the minaret of an historical mosque in Istanbul was chosen and 3D finite element model of the structure prepared to obtain probable lateral displacements, crack pattern and failure modes under earthquake loads. The problem becomes more complex when dynamic analyses are also involved. However, studies based on developments in the dynamic testing of structures and computational methods in structural analysis have led to some significant results about the mechanical behaviour of old buildings. These types of studies are essential not only from the protection/retrofit viewpoint but also in the assessment of similar historical structures. The results obtained from the numerical analysis presented have shown that the greatestdamage is usually located at the base and lower part of the minaret and FRP sheets wrapped around these critical cross sections improves the lateral behaviour. The results are promising in terms of seismic protection of these heritage structures.

Key words
Seismic, minaret, nonlinear, retrofit, masonry, frp