Bundesverband Kalksandsteinindustrie eV, Germany
European Calcium Silicate Unit Producers Association


In 2008 the European calcium silicate industry initiated a comprehensive research project to investigate the fire resistance of calcium silicate masonry walls. The aim of the project was to determine the fire resistance of calcium silicate masonry walls subjected to the maximum vertical design loads according to the current design standards. The investigations became necessary as previous tests (historic data) are only available for walls with significantly lower vertical loading.
The results show that even for significantly higher vertical loads than known and tested before calcium silicate masonry walls provide the necessary resistance to fire. Whereas former tests had usually been terminated as soon as the envisaged fire exposure time had been achieved (which usually corresponded to existing minimum legal requirements) the recent tests were carried out beyond these requirements and showed that calcium silicate walls withstand fire way longer than required by national regulations.

Key words
calcium silicate walls, fire resistance, tests, vertical loading