Technische Universität Darmstadt, Chair of Concrete and Masonry Structures


Masonry shear walls are the major lateral load-carrying elements in masonry structures. Due to the fact that failure of the member might directly be followed by collapse of the structure, reliability analysis of masonry walls subjected to in-plane shear is important. Nevertheless, reliability of these members has not been subjected to extensive research due to the complex load-carrying behaviour. In this paper, an approach for the assessment of the reliability of unreinforced masonry walls subjected to in-plane shear using analytical models is examined. An example wall is designed according to the draft of the new German design code E DIN 1053-13 and subsequently analysed using probabilistic methods. The reliability of the wall will be determined. In the last step, the obtained reliability indices will be assessed by recommended values for the target reliability.

Key words
reliability, probabilistic analysis, masonry, model uncertainty