Chair of Structural Design, TU Dresden, Germany
Consulting Office Prof. Fink Radebeul, formerly Chair of Structural Design, TU Dresden, Germany


Adobe masonry is commonly used as a building material all over the world, especially in low cost housing. Areas of application are often also under risk of earthquakes. Adobe masonry has a comparatively low shear resistance and fails brittle with virtually now ductile capability and is therefore very susceptible to earthquake induced loads.
The research focus on the improvement of the shear resistance of Adobe masonry by adding reinforcement out of natural fibres to the clay bricks and enhance the bond mortar-stone by optimising the surface of the clay bricks and mixing additives to the clay mortar. Furthermore the fibre reinforcement should enhance the energy absorption capacity of the clay and therewith the ductility and earthquake resistance of the masonry

Key words
Arg-e Bam, historical masonry buildings; earthquake, adobe masonry; energy absorption, fibre reinforcement, clay