The Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland, Dept. of Building Structures, Faculty of Civil Engineering


In the paper there were presented the tests results of the reinforcement influence on the horizontal and vertical strains of mortar and brick. It was proved that the usage of reinforcement in compressed masonry provides some limits in horizontal and vertical strains of mortar in such a way that the mortar’s ratio ex / ey in the reinforced and unreinforced elements is similar. The reinforcement by decreasing the mortar’s horizontal strains influences on decreasing the brick’s horizontal strains but it doesn’t influence the brick’s vertical strains. That’s why the value ex / ey in the brick is decreasing in comparison with unreinforced models. By decreasing the mortar’s strains the reinforcement in a positive way influences the strength and crack-resistance of masonry.

Key words
brick masonry, compression, Hilsdorf theory, bed joint reinforcement