Dresden University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Chair of Structural Design


The present study concentrates on developing a technology to reconstruct natural stone masonry walls and heightening their load-carrying capacity under vertical and horizontal loads according to the dynamic effects (earthquakes, modern transportation). The main goal of our study is to analyze the behaviour of grouted anchors and to strengthen historical stone masonry building in earthquake area. To this end, experimental condition was developed to determine the load capacity of anchor under static and dynamic cyclic loading. The masonry walls were constructed from sandstone and anchored with steel bar. The mechanical properties of the stone masonry, mortar and grout were tested and the characteristics of their material properties were created. These investigations were executed to define an analytical method for designing and calculating the grouting anchor and its effect on the stone masonry wall under cycle loading.

Key words
Natural stone masonry, grouting anchor, experiment, strengthening, earthquake loading