Wienerberger AG, Austria

An innovative kind of masonry construction has been developed by Wienerberger in order to use an especially developed Polyurethane-based 1-component adhesive for masonry. It is applied in shell bedded application form directly onto the bed joints of high precision ground blocks where the benefits of this novel kind of masonry can be summarised as follows:

• Easy to apply

• Time efficiency compared to thin layer -and general purpose mortar

• Extension of construction period until winter time (adhesive is tested even for temperatures <0°C • Clean and waterless mason site (reduction in necessary infrastructure) • Reduced storage for PU-adhesive This paper presents laboratory tests necessary for research, development and technical approval processes, beside others also including mechanical, ecological, building physics, biological, chemical, human health, durability and economic aspects. This paper will give an overview of this new technology and will also lead the reader through the tests of masonry with 1-component Polyurethane-adhesive Key words masonry tests, Polyurethane adhesive, new adhesive, mortar less masonry