Harbin Institute of Technology China, School of Civil Engineering
The University of Newcastle Australia, Centre for Infrastructure Performance and Reliability


There is an increasing interest in China in the use of the lightweight aggregate concrete block masonry structures. A new construction, called “double-skin block wall with alternative cavities”, is used to improve the thermal performance of external walls. However, the behaviour of the lightweight aggregate concrete block walls partially confined in reinforced concrete (RC) frame under later cyclic loads has not been investigated before and is not fully know. This paper reports on the pilot experimental study of two confined and one un-confined lightweight aggregate block walls with openings. The investigated parameters include a failure model, shear capacity, hysteresis curve, and reinforcement strain in RC columns, deformation and energy-dissipation. Experimental results show that RC frames can significantly improve the load-bearing capacity, deformation-resistant capacity, and ductility of lightweight aggregate concrete block walls.

Key words
Cyclic behaviour, concrete block, masonry, lightweight aggregate, structural column