Federal University Of Minas Gerais, Department of Structures
School of Engineering of São Carlos – USP, Department of Structures


This paper presents the main items of the 2nd part of the Brazilian Clay Masonry Code, which deals with the execution and site control of masonry structures and their components. The authors of the present paper took part in the committee of the recently launched new Brazilian Code. The new Code establishes the minimum requirements for the control system, the materials, grout and mortar production, as well as the acceptance of materials and built masonry elements. The paper presents the recommendations for producing, controlling and accepting masonry elements and constructions. It also mentions two Appendixes that present compressive strength testing methods for prisms and wallets. The paper also shows a few comparisons between the discussed code and the Eurocode 6. Hence, the launching of the new Masonry Code, also considering its 1st part, completes the Brazilian official documents, necessary for the correct design and use of clay masonry structures, thus filling the existing gap, as requested by designers, contractors, builders, checking bureaus, financial agencies and insurance companies.

Key words
Clay Masonry, Brazilian Code, Execution, Site Control