NNC Design International, New Delhi, India
Department of Civil Engg., Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, New Delhi, India

An experimental investigation had been carried out to evaluate the behaviour of interlocking grouted sand-flyash and interlocking grouted mud-flyash brick masonry under uniaxial cyclic compressive loading. The brick units and masonry system developed by Prof. S.N. Sinha were used in present investigations. The cyclic stress-strain behaviour and energy dissipation characteristics of this masonry system was investigated. A comparison of present study was made with other similar studies done by other investigators on different type of brick masonry under uniaxial cyclic compressive loading. Three types of brick masonry namely fired clay brick masonry, sand plast [calcium silicate] brick masonry and two types of interlocking grouted brick/block masonry namely interlocking grouted sand-flyash and mud-flyash brick masonry developed by Prof. S.N. Sinha are considered for the comparison. The comparison of envelope stress–strain curves, common point curves, stability point curves have been done. All the comparisons are made for two cases of loading perpendicular and parallel to bed joints.

Key words
Interlocking brick, grout, uniaxial, cyclic loading, envelope curve, common point, stability point, stress-strain hysteresis