Bialystok University of Technology, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Determination of heat and moisture transport processes in the presence of salts in masonry wall is rather complex due to the simultaneous influences of salt on the different transport processes. The prediction of the thermal conductivities of multi-component materials in service conditions is necessary for engineering applications. The results of investigations deal with the simultaneous influence of moisture and salt on the thermal conductivity of a masonry wall are presented. The investigation was carried out on the basis of the mathematical modelling of heat transfer in capillary porous materials. The dependence between the thermal conductivity of walls and the content of moisture and salt, as well as the state of salt aggregation were described. By means of corrective factors determined for the known content of moisture and salt in wall material, it is possible to calculate the thermal conductivity coefficient with regard to the presence of specific salt or mixes of salts in the material.

Key words
Thermal conductivity, masonry wall material, salts, moisture, mathematical modelling