University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering

In this work, Sequentially Linear Analysis (SLA) is extended to include a biaxial failure criterion to model the fracture of masonry structures. SLA, originally developed to model the highly non-linear behaviour associated with brittle fracture of large-scale structures, is first reviewed. Subsequently, the biaxial failure criterion is presented, both with and without directional effects due to masonry coursing, and evaluated through analysis of masonry wall panel. In particular, the new biaxial failure criterion is shown to be more effective when modelling shear failure of laterally loaded masonry piers, the failure mode which typically governs piers with a large vertical load. Thus, the improvements herein make SLA more appropriate for pushover analysis of masonry structures, and a more effective tool for many engineering applications

Key words
Sequentially linear analysis, brittle fracture, failure criterion, computational mechanics