Technische Universität München, Germany, Department of Concrete Structures

Load-bearing masonry shear-walls in common multi-storey structures are loaded in-plane by axial forces, bending moments and shear forces. Under combined loadings the restraint effects caused by concrete slabs in multi-storey structures are deciding in the ultimate-limit-state, e.g. under seismic loadings. Within the European research project ESECMaSE numerical investigations have been carried out on representative multi-storey structures using non-linear Finite-Element-Systems. The results were the basis for a new test procedure method for masonry walls under in-plane combined loadings (N-M-V). Within the proposed test method the applied loadings (force-controlled resp. displacement controlled) as well as the load history describe the boundary conditions in real structures in a realistic manner. The results cover the maximum load-bearing capacity as well as the stiffness characteristics under monotonic / static-cyclic loadings.

Key words
structural analysis, shear walls, boundary conditions, combined loadings, test-method, experimental investigations, in-plane loadings