Institute of Building Materials Research (ibac), RWTH Aachen University

At the Institute of Building Materials Research (ibac) of RWTH Aachen University, Germany, extensive basic investigations on the gluing of masonry units with polyurethane adhesive were conducted. The influence of the ambient temperature on the processing/hardening as well as the moisture content of the masonry units on the bond properties was investigated. At three different temperature levels dry and water-saturated units were examined. In a further step, shear tests with deformation measurements in the joint area were conducted. To assess the temperature resistance of the adhesive bond, furthermore, tensile bond tests were conducted on small-size specimens under laboratory conditions and afterwards in a climate chamber under higher thermal stress. Complementary investigations on the strength and deformation properties of masonry under compressive load were performed. Each of the tests were carried out on masonry units with PUadhesives as well as with customary thin layer mortars for the respective unit types.

Key words
Masonry, polyurethane adhesive, mechanical properties