Wembley Innovation, UK

The successful use of bond beams to subdivide the area of large walls and enhance their resistance to lateral load was described in 2008. In 2009 a Design Guide based upon the development work over a three year period was launched. This paper describes the development process and includes the results of tests on eighteen full size walls (generally 8m x 5m), several smaller wall panels and beams. During the development process considerable progress was made on the design of shear transfer rods connecting the courses above and below the bond beams to it. Design detailing was refined to the point that the authors were confident that the research data was in place to support the provisions of the Design Guide. This paper draws together for the first time all of the experimental evidence so that it is available for scrutiny in the public domain.

Key words
bond beams, large walls, lateral load, full size wall tests, blockwor