Eindhoven University of Technology, Department Structural Masonry

The paper gives a literature review of studies into the composite action between masonry and supporting beams aimed at the applicability of calcium silicate element walls in situations where they would act as deep beams. The experimental part of this study concerned a wall, made of calcium silicate elements, which stood on a floor above an underground car park. The test wall was made on a 1:3 scale. The bottom beam thickness was varied to study the effect of beam stiffness on load transfer. The effect of crack development on load transfer was studied by loading the bottom beam, simulating floor loading. The study showed that the areas around the supports are critical and that pre-cracking of the wall at mid span could be advantageous to prevent sudden extreme deformations. Suggestions for improvements of the structure are presented.

Key words
CASIEL TLM masonry, deep beam, pre loading, composite action