Danish Building Research Institute, DK-2970 Hørsholm, Denmark.

(1) Corresponding author: Klavs Feilberg Hansen, Department of Building Design and Technology, Danish Building Research Institute, Dr. Neergaards Vej 15, DK-2970 Hørsholm, Denmark. E-mail:


This paper describes a simple test method for determining the torsion strength of a single bed joint between two bricks and presents results from testing using this test method. The setup for the torsion test is well defined, require minimal preparation of the test specimen and the test can be carried out directly in a normal testing machine.

The torsion strength is believed to be the most important parameter in out-of-plane resistance of masonry walls subjected to bending about an axis perpendicular to the bed joints.

The paper also contains a few test results from bending of small walls about an axis perpendicular to the bed joints, which indicate the close connection between these results and results from torsion tests.

These characteristics make the torsion strength well suited to act as substitute parameter for the bending strength of masonry about an axis perpendicular to the bed joints.