R. C.DEVEKEY Building Research Establishment, Watford, England


A full sized model limber-framed house structure has been subject to a static lateral face load simulating long period wind gust loading on its end gable by use of air bags inflated against a reaction. To examine the interaction between brick cladding and frame and the potential contribution of the brickwork to the overall stability and robustness of the structure, the tests have been carried out both on the bare (but otherwise complete) frame and after addition of a single skin of 102-5 mm thick stretcher-bonded brickwork. Where possible, design and practice have followed that used for typical contemporary UK timber-framed structures, ties and brickwork. Live loading due to occupancy and snow load on the roof has been simulated by dead weights. Performance has been monitored in all cases by using an array of deflection transducers connected to a data logger.
Earlier exploratory tests on single frame elements and small areas of brickwork indicated a substantial contribution even from unreturned brickwork. This result has been corroborated by the work on the full two storey structure which has also demonstrated the beneficial effect of returning the brickwork on the overall performance. Data on wall tie behaviour will help the development of a performance specification.