J. MINDENHALL Halfen Fixing Systems

The fixing specialist’s viewpoint is that there is no need to reconsider the use of single skin brickwork in favour of traditional thicker loadbearing construction. A single skin of brickwork cladding to an insulated cavity achieves the requirements that a modern client requires in speed of erection, flexibility of design and economy in the use of bricks. Restraint ties are very economical and workmanship problems rarely lead to failures. Support systems require more careful design and erection, but in the majority of cases an economical solution is readily achieved. Ambitious architectural detailing may lead to more complex systems being required. However, the majority of such systems arise through tack of liaison within the design learn, resulting in little consideration being given to the fit between structure and facade. Most fixing systems manufacturers offer an advisory service on the use of their products and involvement of the manufacturer in the early design meetings could result in simpler, more economical use of their products whilst stilt allowing the architect to design an aesthetically pleasing building.