HILMAR WERNER SINUSTAT Building Systems, Berlin

The SINUSTAT System is based on hollow calcium silicate building blocks which are designed to be laid stacked up without mortar thus saving the time of traditional bricklaying. Connections ensure precise positioning and effective interlocking against shear forces between the blocks and the infill concrete. The inner vertical and horizontal channel system of the wall, formed by the lined up holes in the blocks, is filled with concrete which can be reinforced. The result is a slender, monolithic wall with a high loadbearing capacity with space for highly effective insulation which can be glued to the blocks in the factory. The walls have good acoustic properties and provide a good internal en vironment. They are aesthetically pleasing without further treatment. The system may be used by unskilled workers, particularly do-it-yourself builders, or on a traditional building site. The aim is to reduce labour in the building process and to reduce its duration thus saving costs and ensuring a more rapid and profitable return on investment.