Property Services Agency formerly of British Ceramic Research Association
G. J.EDGELL British Ceramic Research Association
R. C. DE VEKEY Building Research Station

Single leaf clay brickwork and concrete blockwork storey height partition walls were subjected to static vertical loads representative of those in cross-wall housing construction up to three storeys high. Simulated horizontal wind loading was applied to the end of the wall until failure occurred. Tests were carried out on walls both with and without a return at the loaded end and the results compared. Walls with returns exhibited greater racking strengths and principal strains than plain walls and the effect of adding the return was more significant with the shorter walls. The brickwork walls were generally stronger than the blockwork walls and exhibited lower principal strains. The racking strength of the walls increased linearly with increase in precompression and the mean shear stress at failure decreased with increase in wall length. The mean shear strengths of all types of wall were found to be less than the characteristic shear strength of masonry given in BS 5628:Part I.