P. FACCIO, P. FORABOSCHI and A. VANIN IUAV ⎯ Department of Constructions of Architecture ( DCA ); Venice, Italy.

This paper is devoted to masonry walls subjected to lateral loads. The total range of the response up to failure, including softening, is dealt with. The research work presented here is based on experiments on six masonry wall prototypes, differing from each other in the brickwork bonding pattern (masonry texture). Some of the more typical bonds are considered. The aim of this experimental study is to offer a contribution towards a better understanding of the correlation between the articulation of the bonding structure (masonry texture of the wall) and the mechanical behavior (strength, stiffness, ultimate deformability) of typical masonry panels. The modeling of a whole masonry building (e.g., finite element modeling) should account for such relationships that conversely cannot be obtained by non-destructive in situ testing.