G C MANOS, B YASIN and J THAUMPTA Aristotle University, Thessaloniki

Summary results from in-situ tests on the dynamic response of a 5 storey r.c building in an area of high seismicity are given. The building is 3,5m by 3.5m in plan and 5m high constructed and permanently instrumented to monitor its dynamic response under prototype earthquake conditions. In the three year period of its existence various structural configurations with or without masonry infills will be considered. Already one earthquake, of moderate intensity, has subjected the model to seismic loads. An extensive sequence of low-amplitude dynamic tests has also been performed. The results and predictions from numerical simulations are discussed in relation to the effects of masonry infills in various configurations; a preliminary numerical study on soil structure interaction effects is also presented and discussed. Finally, results obtained from cyclic tests on single storey, one bay r.c frames with or without masonry infills identical in geometry and structural details to those of the 5 storey structure at Volvi, are presented and discussed.