Technical Report

In addition to the original technical papers traditionally published, after peer review, in Masonry International, members are reminded the Society welcomes contributions covering articles, news items, and case studies concerning masonry and technical issues in member countries, for publication. The first such report relates to an EC 6 design website submitted by Poul Christiansen from Denmark.

P.D. CHRISTIANSEN Consulting Civil Engineer, 8340 Malling, Denmark

A new version 8.0 of the software for designing masonry: has been released in 2018. In version 8.0 a facility to incorporate the National Annex for all countries has been implemented. Each National Annex includes a number of parameters specific to the countries using the Eurocodes e.g. EN 1996-1-1 and in, Version 8.0 these parameters can be given once for all as fixed input for the different countries.