A.L. OLIVEIRA (1), L.C. ZAMPIRON (1), R.A. SOUZA (1), J.M. CASALI (2) and L.R. PRUDÊNCIO JR. (3)
(1) Federal Institute of Santa Catarina – IFSC, Florianópolis/SC – Brasil
(2) Federal University of Technology – Paraná – UTFPR, Curitiba/PR – Brasil
(3) Federal University of Santa Catarina – UFSC, Florianópolis/SC – Brasil


The aim of this study was to investigate total substitution of natural fine aggregate and lime by crushed brick fine aggregate in bedding mortar for use with structural concrete masonry. Mortar properties were evaluated in the fresh and hardened state, but in addition, prisms were produced from concrete blocks and mini-prisms sawed from concrete blocks for bond strength evaluations. Results show that it is possible to produce bedding mortar with crushed brick fine aggregates for structural masonry. The behaviour of mortar which included crushed brick fine aggregates when used to build masonry prisms demonstrated that such prisms were more deformable (having lower modulus of elasticity than prisms built with cement-lime based mortar). The increased deformability of walls (prisms) can be a positive factor, because structural walls made with this material can better accommodate deformations. Furthermore, mortars containing crushed brick fine aggregates presented adequate performance with respect to bond strength.