A.T. VERMELTFOORT and D.R.W. MARTENS Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

In this project, an attempt is made to measure strain and to establish the strain distribution near openings in masonry facades. Measurements were started as quickly after building as possible and went on for more than three months. [1]. The test set-up was developed using the results of a literature search, observations of the bricklaying process and in consultation with experts from the field. Five walls were built and tested in the laboratory. Each wall was half a brick in thickness and consisted of two piers 1m square, a 2.6m long lintel and 0.5m masonry on top of the lintel. After shrinkage measurements for three months, the walls were loaded in tension parallel to the lintel to find the crack pattern and the failure load. Numerical analysis supported the experiments. The results of the tests and the numerical analysis are presented and discussed.