Silesian University of Technology

The new Polish Masonry Code PN-B-03002:1999 (with modification Az1/2000) [1], unlike Eurocode 6 [2], has introduced into design calculations of shear walls subjected to wind loads the necessity of satisfying separately both the Ultimate Limit State and the Serviceability Limit State. The analysis of the Serviceability Limit State is carried out using the non-dilatational strain angle ΘSd, which should not exceed the admissible value Θadm (table value). The ΘSd value may be calculated on the basis of the shear modulus G and horizontal shear stresses τxk or on the basis of the geometrical deformation of the analysed shear wall (or part of wall). The problem of the correct determination of the shear modulus G, based on the test results of sheared masonry specimens, is discussed. Reducing the G level of 0.4E (according to Eurocodee 6) to 0.2E, accepted in new Polish Masonry Code [1] with a suitabl argument is recommended.