HARRIE J. VEKEMANS Technische Universiteit, Eindhoven

This paper gives further results of a continuing comparison of design rules in the European masonry codes: NEN6790, BS5628:Part 1. EC6, NBN B24-301, DIN 1053 Part 2 and S1A 177. The initial research reviewed developments in the design rules, the present study highlights differences in relation to the design rules. The case study involved design calculations for a seven storey apartment building constructed according to each country’s code. The characteristic live toads, partial safety factors for the material properties, load cases including toad factors, and the reduction factor for the effects of slendeness and eccentricity were varied to show up the differences in the design rules. None of the countries had a code similar to another. The main interest was the differences between material factors and the reduction factors for the effects of slenderness and eccentricity.