1 MSc, NOVA University of Lisbon, Civil Engineering Department,

2 Assistant Professor, NOVA University of Lisbon, Civil Engineering Department,


Due to economic and environmental issues, the use of construction and demolition wastes and industrial wastes, arises as a growing need. Industrial wastes, like fly ashes, produced in thermal electric plants, are often used, for instance, in concrete and mortar compositions, improving sustainability aspects related to these important building materials.

However, according to existing standards, not all produced fly ashes can be used as components of concrete or mortars. In this context, this paper presents the results of a research included in an MSc Thesis, related to the study of non-compliant fly ashes in air-lime mortars.

Several mortar specimens composed by standard sand, air-lime and different proportions of compliant and non-compliant fly ashes were made, and physical and mechanical properties were obtained and discussed.

This study was conducted at NOVA University of Lisbon, in collaboration with a local waste management company.


Keywords: Industrial waste; non-compliant fly ash; air-lime mortar.