Roberto Capozucca1, Erica Magagnini1, and Giuseppe Pace1
1) Dept. of Civil Engineering Building and Architecture (DICEA), Polytechnic University of Marche
Ancona (Italy)
e-mail: {r.capozucca, e.magagnini, g.pace}

Keywords: Historic Brickwork, Blockwork Masonry, Diagonal Shear Test, F.E. Modelling.

Abstract. In this paper authors describe an extensive investigation on historic and modern masonry walls under diagonal compression tests. Modern and historic masonry wallettes have been tested: modern masonry wall specimens were built with clay perforated blocks, while historic masonry specimens were built with solid clay bricks and weak mortar. The historic wallettes were built with and without presence of slab with plaster so that the comparison of response allows to define the contribution of plaster in particular when strengthened by chrome fibers.
Modern masonry is analysed both experimentally and theoretically; results of experimental tests are shown and compared with numerical results obtained by F.E. analysis modelling as isotropic and orthotropic linear elastic material until failure.