I. Aldreghetti1, D. Baraldi2, G. Boscato1, A. Cecchi2, E. Reccia2, L. Massaria1, I. Tofani1
1)  IUAV University of Venice
LabSCo, Via Torino 153/A – 30173 Mestre, Venice (Italy)
e-mail: {ivano, gboscato, massaria, tofani}@iuav.it
2)  IUAV University of Venice, DACC
Dorsoduro 2206, 30123, Venice (Italy)
e-mail: {danielebaraldi, cecchi, reccia}@iuav.it

Keywords: multi-leaf masonry walls, imperfection and damage identification, dynamic parameters.

Abstract. The complexity of multi-leaf masonry walls suggests further researches on the dynamic behaviour mainly characterized by incoherent response between the different layers. The intrinsic discontinuity and the manufacturing imperfections are amplified by the incremental damage that triggers different failure mechanisms that affect the dynamic parameters, such as modal shapes, frequencies and damping ratios. The dynamic identification with output only methodology has been proposed in this work on different multi-leaf masonry walls subjected to uniaxial compressive load. The responses of full infill, damaged infill and strengthened infill masonry panels with different widespread damage have been recorded. The evolution of the damage scenario changes the modal shapes, the related frequencies and the damping ratios that through the comparison with the data of the initial conditions can detect the anomalies and then the intrinsic vulnerabilities. Through the curvature modal shape methods and the structural irregularity indices applied to different phases, it was possible evaluate the imperfection and the induced damage entity.