M. Begimgil1
1)  Assistant Professor Dr., University of Gazi, Engineering Faculty, Department of Civil Engineering
06570 Maltepe, Ankara, Turkey
e-mail: begimgil@gazi.edu.tr

Keywords: Brick, Masonry Prism, Mortar, Additives, Compressive Strength, Stress-Strain

Abstract. The characteristics of brick masonry are influenced by the properties of bricks and mortar. This study focuses on the effects of additives on the compressive strength and the stress – strain behaviour of masonry walls.
Several compressions, tension in bending experiments were carried out using various types of mortar additives on cylindrical and prismatic samples to choose the best performing additives. Then many types of model brick masonry prisms have been produced with chosen mortar. These masonry specimens were tested under compression. It has been observed that the material properties of mortar with and without additives influence on compressive strength, bond strength and the modulus of elasticity of the masonry walls.