G. Brandonisio and A. De Luca
Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture (Di.St.), University of Naples “Federico II”
P.le Tecchio, 80 – 80125 Naples (Italy)

Keywords: Masonry, Basilica churches, Seismic behaviour, Macro-elements, Non-linear
analysis, Limit Analysis.

Abstract. The paper provides a contribution for the evaluation of seismic capacity of typical macro-elements of basilica type churches through non-linear static analyses.
Previous studies conducted by the authors on the behaviour of masonry churches under the earthquake actions showed how these structures are particularly vulnerable to the horizontal loads due to their specific geometrical configuration, characterized by open plan, slender walls, lack of effective connections between transversal walls, thrusting structures.
In this paper, fourteen basilica churches located in Central and Southern Italy are analysed by sub-structuring the whole building in its constituting macro-elements. Each macro-element is then analysed by using pushover analysis with the aim of determining its horizontal capacity and the corresponding failure mechanism.
The comparison among the results of the seismic analysis allow for defining eight classes of macro-elements, each one characterized by peculiarity in geometric characteristics, in architectural function and seismic response.